Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mid Century Upholstered Chair

There haven't been many estate sales that have peaked my interest lately and this week wasn't any exception.  Until I happened to see an ad in the local newspaper (the last place I usually look) on Friday night for a sale that had started that morning which had some MCM furniture.  And it was right in my own little town!  I have no idea how I missed it on the estate sale list.  I was bummed, assuming everything had sold on day one.  But I drug myself out of bed Sat morning to go see if anything was left for half price day.  Even for that I was late - showing up about 10 minutes after the doors opened.  And all of the MCM stuff was still there!  Sweet!  There wasn't a lot - a coffee table, a couple of end tables, a great lamp, and this amazing chair.  I passed on the tables (they were still $75 each, I don't need them, and I couldn't make money off of them at that price.)  The lamp I snagged for $12.50 (forgot to photograph that.)  But the best find was the chair, purchased for $47.50.  

Now in reality I don't need another chair.  I don't - just ask my husband.  But I don't care - I'm keeping this one anyway because I love it!  The original fabric is awesome - very textural - and is in perfect condition.  And it is super comfy to boot.  I'd love to keep it in the spot I have it photographed but it's actually too big there when viewed in the room as a whole.  Too bad!  So for now it is relegated to the basement.  I'll need to do some hocus-pocus down there so that I don't have to get rid of any of my other favorite chairs.  I'm thinking some kid stuff will have to leave instead!
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  1. Too bad it doesn't fit in the area you photographed it - it looks awesome with the curtains and the cork lamp. Really like the art piece on the wall behind it, too.

  2. great chair and i agree it is a great spot where you've photographed it ( i also love the lamp that's there.) it's so nice when you find things even when you suspect you won't!

  3. I agree with TSFP, that lamp looks amazing and your chair looks sooo comfy...I have to say also that I REALLY like your blog header!