Saturday, November 17, 2012

Trio of Bassett Tables

I'm sadly behind on posting - nothing new!  This is one of my favorite garage sale finds from the summer.  I hit a very small neighborhood sale in my hometown that did not look very promising.  And mostly it wasn't.  I hadn't found anything and the last house I drove by looked to have nothing up my alley either.  I was very tempted to keep on driving but it was in a little culdesac and I felt bad not stopping.  The prices were great but I saw nothing for me - until I spotted this set of three tables that is!  They were buried under stuff and weren't marked so I wasn't even sure they were for sale.  I inquired and the price for the set of three - $25.  SOLD!  They are by Bassett and in very good condition. 

Two of the pieces ended up in the basement and one in the living room.  I replaced my American of Martinsville night stand with the smaller of the tables.  I liked that piece but this is a much better fit. 
I rarely post pictures from the basement since the lighting is soooo bad.  You have your choice of really washed out flash photos or pictures with an unhealthy yellow glow.  I usually pick the glow version.  I've been needing a coffee table down there, and while I really want a round one, this one is working out great.  That weirdness on top of the coffee table is a seriously awesome ceramic Christmas tree.  I'll have to photograph it better and give it its own post (though don't hold your breath on that one.)
I love this table with the drawer.  It replaced this Lane table.  I liked the Lane table and thought the Bassett would be too big, but it's a nice fit.  And it gives me a big spot to put all the glass vases that I seem to be accumulating! 


  1. I stripped and refinished that exact same coffee table just a couple of months ago; it's a great table

  2. New follower........and fellow vintage lover!!!

  3. Those tables are beautiful, I love them. I'd love it if you'd jump over and link up at my "Go Get Your Garage Sale On" Linky Party, and share some of your great finds!

  4. WOW $25 for those 3? Major score. Love them. ;)

  5. The tables are amazing and the price CANNOT be beat! :D So amazing.